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For this years congressional app challenge, I'm hoping to show off my work with an internship I did over the summer for CVES BOCES in Plattsburgh N.Y.

I came in there and was told to make an app to be giving to schools, allowing them to communicate with their students, parents and faculty freely through a simple mobile application. We ended up using RSS Feeds in order to communicate information with the app and allow quick and easy updating to users in real time.


Congressional App Challenge 2019


Color Bust


Discover the crazy and exciting world of a game developer, programmer, and robotics enthusiest.

As you might have heard me boast about on all of my social medias, I've been working on a pretty exciting project. Darkness and a Crowd is a new, exciting platformer RPG experience that takes you on a journey of a small creature, fighting to reclaim what was once its home. Through your journey, you work along side a spirit that helps you solve puzzles in new, crazy ways, controlling elements you never knew were possible. Level up, and unlock new abilities to control the 3 elements, Earth, Fire or Air.

The world is yours to explore, shape and control at your liking.

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Color Bust is a project that I made to play around with a very simplistic system. Imagine this, you're a block, but you can only be red or blue, if you're red, you can only go through items that are also red and vise-versa. Pretty simple right? Well when you add green teleporters, spinning platforms, turrets, changing gravity and so much more, you start to see where things get a bit complicated. What was supposed to be a simplistic, project turned into this crazy contraption that is simply known to be a rage enducing game.